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2017 CLF Auction Item: Brooch and Box by Glen Mock

The Eighteenth Century was a time of few possessions. Items of personal ornament often doubled with a useful purpose.  The treasured family pieces were kept in containers appropriate to their value.  Glen Mock has created such a piece for the 2017 Auction.  Carefully crafted from natural material this shawl brooch is stunning and elegant.  Glen has always been known for his scrimshaw work in horn, bone, antler and other natural materials.  This brooch has some of his best work, a delicate vining pattern with flowers and butterflies and a heart suggesting a gift to a loved one.  The brooch pin is elegantly simple. 

The box of curly maple repeats the vining floral design with silver wire and scrimshaw.  With its red wool lining and decorated lid the box is every bit as elegant as the brooch.  Your sweetheart may let you borrow the brooch to pin up your plaid, but she will never let you have this container.
Glen has been a regular auction supporter because he believes in the CLA and its support for contemporary artists. 

Glen mock’s contact information is

Text  by Heinz Ahlers with photos by David Wright

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hunting Pouch by James Rogers

This is a bag with a shape that is reminiscent of several first half 18th century bags I have seen in paintings and engravings. English bridle leather, internal divider, flap lined in pigskin, goat trim, and a die forged iron buckle.  This bag is constructed with the buckle in the rear for a right handed shooter resulting from a recent thread in which we shared our preferences for buckle location.  The strap is oversized and for custom fitting. This, along with other recently created items are being created for my table at the CLA show in August.

Copy and photos supplied by James Rogers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 CLF Auction Item: hunting Bag Set by Jack Weeks, Rick Lorenzen, Shayna Matthews, and Kenny Nichols

CLA artists consistently demonstrate the ability to marry museum-quality aesthetics with rugged practicality.  Artist Jack Weeks and a cadre of talented craftsmen have collaborated to produce a truly outstanding bag and horn set for this year’s CLF fundraising auction.

The project is the brainchild of noted CLA artisan Jack Weeks.  The basic concept, he explains, was to assemble “the equipment a market hunter in the three rivers area would have carried to collect skins and to furnish meat for the garrison and the village at Fort Pitt.”  Some of the items, Weeks says, the hunter could have made for himself; other components in the set he could have traded for locally.  “Our hunter,” explains the artist, “used a smoothbore French fusil de chasse to kill big game with round ball and used the same gun for turkeys and waterfowl.”

This fine set is well fitted for display behind a glass case, but rugged enough for use in the field.  All leather items – including hunting bag, lock cover, flint wallet, bullet pouch, and shot pouch – are all hand crafted from subtly aged vegetable-tanned cow hide.  The face of the 9” x12” hunting pouch is adorned with a pinwheel hex design pierced on the flap; the body of the bag sports a 3” gusset and a full-length partition.  The leather is finished with a homemade and historically appropriate coat of black bear oil and beeswax.  It carries an attached knife sheath with a broken razor knife hafted with a deer leg bone; perfect for cutting patches on the range or in the field.  This exemplary set also includes the basic necessities for the care of your firelock: extra flints, a gun worm, an iron turn screw, a brass vent pick, and a wooden loading block with a shell toggle.

“In the process of gathering and creating items,” explains Weeks, “I had contributions from three CLA artists.”  Rick Lorenzen of Michigan donated an antique powder horn; Shayna Matthews of Maryland contributed a hand-woven horn strap; and Kenny Nichols of Alabama lent his skills with a hand-carved antler tip powder measure.

For more information on the work of the artists, contact:
Jack Weeks (
Rick Lorenzen (
Shayna Matthews (
Kenny Nichols (

Text by J Shepherd with photos by D Wright

Dixon's 35th Annual Gunmakers' Fair

The 35th Annual Gunmakers’ Fair will be held July 28, 29 & 30th, 2017

Arthus, John Moore will be signing books on Saturday, July 30th from 1:00-3:00pm. John is the author of the Pennsylvania Frontier Series.

Some of the classes include:
Basic Graver Sharpening - Tom Curran

Wire Inlay - Ed Wenger

Scrapers 101 - John Cholin

Inkle Loom - Pam Hutton & Paul DesRosiers

Making a Hunting Pouch - Frank Willis

Decorative Stock Carving - Ed Wenger

Hand Forging a Tomahawk - Bever Bill Keeler

Contemporary Lonfrifle Design - Tom Curran & Ian Pratt

Details for Conceiving & Creating Hunting Pouch - Eric Ewing

Inkle Loom - Kris Polizzi

Inletting - Allen Martin

Make Your Own Gun Fixtures – Tim Williams

Finish the Pouch– Calvin Tanner

The Flat Horn– Roland Cadle

Carving the Stock– David Price

Selecting Gunstock Wood– Dan Miranda / Dunlap Woodcrafts

Finger Knitting– Anny Hendricks

Lock Tuning– Keith Castel

Williamsburg Gun Shop - Eric von Aschwege

Final Finish of Gun Fixtures– Bill Slusser

Gunstock Finishing– Mitch Yates

Banding Powder Horns– John Proud

Order of Gun Assembly– Mark Wheland

18th Century Southern Horn Design Elements– Billy Griner

Screwtip Powder Horns– Art DeCamp

Precision Lock Assembly– Jim Chambers

Hudson Valley Fowlers– Ken Gahagen

Patchbox Releases– Brian LaMaster

More listing of schedules can be found here.

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